• apolutosis_sv


    Jack, a former hitman, has decided to give up his life as an assassin to go on a new path with Kate (a local neighborhood coffee shop manager). Ryan (the vengeful brother of one of …

  • deserted-front


    A lonely, emotional cactus desperately wants to find love on the other side of the desert. He is determined to break out of his roots, into the wild desert.

  • covens


    In a secret world, all manner of mythical creatures exist, including Werewolves and Vampires. Where both come from Biblical history having been cursed by God for the treacherous acts of the Original offenders. Now they …

  • 47-front

    47 Minutes

    Three perfect strangers: a selfless flight attendant, a down-and-out paramedic, and an overworked lawyer go about a normal day when a single act puts their seemingly separate lives on a collision course culminating at the …

  • unter-the-hourseshoe-front

    Life Under The Horseshoe

    Life Under the Horseshoe is a fun, entertaining and historical look at Spring City, Utah’s only live FM stage radio show. The film teaches us a little about history while taking us back to the …

  • the-conscience-fornt

    The Conscience

    What would you do if you knew something that could set an innocent man free? That is the dilemma Eric Anderson is facing. Can he live with his conscience?

  • finding-fortune-front

    Finding Fortune

    Inspired by true events, a father and daughter with a strained relationship must work together as they quest to rescue their prize-winning horse which has been accidentally sent to slaughter.

  • producing-101

    Producing 101

    For the past 4 years I have been going behind the scenes of independent films to get exclusive access to how producers make programs for film, television, music videos and web series. In this course …

  • zombo-a-documented-incident

    Zombo: A Documented Incident

    A documentary film crew discovers a real zombie. They kidnap it and take it home for study.

  • all-ive-got

    All I’ve Got

    All I’ve Got is based on and inspired by the true life and music of Gary Wey. Always placing his family first, Gary embarked on a journey to L.A. to peruse his dream of becoming …